Crafted with time-honed artistry, simplicity and the finest ingredients encapsulate a truly exceptional dining experience.

Head Chef - Milton Lau

Known for his intricate knowledge and meticulous technical skills, Chef Lau has practised the delicate art of sushi and omakase for over three and a half decades. Chef Lau spent considerable time in Japan, where he took time to hone his technical skills and cultivate his knowledge of traditional cuisine at some of the most highly respected restaurants, including one of Japan's top 10 restaurants, Kyubey (久兵衞). He was also the apprentice to one of Hong Kong’s most renowned sushi chefs, Chef Kenjo Shunji (見城俊二). Chef Lau has also worked in San Francisco and Sydney, which inspired him to create what he dubs – "Edomae-style Sushi with a Contemporary Twist".
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