Edomae-style Sushi with
a Contemporary Twist
Chef’s Atelier
to Your Table
Sushi Yonjugo, a 8-seater omakase restaurant, serves the centuries-old eponymous Edomae-style sushi, that will take diners on a culinary journey through Japan.

Saikeirei (最敬礼), a 45-degree bow, shows our utmost respect to customers, Japanese culture and the finest ingredients. Our name, Yonjugo (similar to 45 in Japanese), represents the humblest gesture in Japanese culture. Sushi Yonjugo is honoured to embark on an exquisite omakase experience with our customers in an intimate setting.
Quality seafood and attention to detail are at the forefront. Hand-picked by our chefs, ingredients are flown in daily from Kagoshima, Kyushu, Toyosu, Hokkaido and Okinawa. We promise to deliver the most premium, freshest ingredients sourced from around Japan.
Crafted with time-honed artistry, simplicity and the finest ingredients encapsulate a truly exceptional dining experience.
Chef Milton Lau infuses traditional techniques with modern flair and his personal ingenuity to create an exceptional omakase experience. Chef Lau spent considerable time in Japan, where he took time to hone his technical skills and cultivate his knowledge of traditional cuisine at some of the most highly respected restaurants, including one of Japan's top 10 restaurants, Kyubey (久兵衞). Chef Lau also worked in San Francisco and Sydney, which inspired him to create what he dubs – "Edomae-style Sushi with a Contemporary Twist".
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